About us

How was the site “Wings over Quebec” born ?

Wings Over Quebec is the English version of “Les Ailes du Québec”, a web site dedicated to Quebec aerospace industry and aviation.

The Montreal aerospace cluster, which is the third largest in the world, has no journalist who covers it full time; as a result, generalist media from here and elsewhere must turn to specialized sources outside Montreal that do not have a thorough knowledge of the social, political and economic context. Our mission is to fill this gap; our proximity to the players of the Montreal aerospace cluster gives us access to privileged information and a unique perspective.

On this site, we talk about companies in the airline industry that have a presence in Quebec (a plant or an operating base); as an example, Chorus Aviation will be covered because of its Montreal base while WestJet will not.


Readers are welcome to contribute to the enrichment of the site by submitting information or their points of view; even when you disagree, your interventions are always welcome, as long as they are done respectfully. The rules of politeness must apply to social networks as they apply in our daily lives.

Enjoy the reading !

André Allard