Word from the publisher

July 2018

The month of July will be one of novelty and change starting with Les Ailes du Québec being made available in english starting July 1st. The new web site will be named Wings Over Quebec and our goal is to make most of our publications available in both languages. This will allow us to present news of Quebec’s aerospace industry and aviation to a wider audience.

July is also a month of transition for the C Series as Airbus takes control of it; most likely Airbus will introduce the new name for the C Series during this month. It will interesting to see how the European giant will showcase the newcomer at the Farnborough air show. Bombardier Commercial Aircraft should not be outdone during the grand Farnborough fair and new CRJ orders could be announced.

Montreal Airport should be able to give the first contracts for the expansion and upgrade work coming up. Given the number of new routes that have been added over the last year, the Montreal airport is expected to be very busy and we will see if all the improvements done over the last two years are working correctly.

Have a nice summer.