Word from the publisher

I have been covering Quebec aeronautics and air transport news assiduously for nearly five years. On its own, the C series-A220 saga could be the subject of a good novel because there were so many twists and turns in this story. To this, we must add Bombardier’s ups and downs of the last years. Since 2015, the years have followed one another, intensifying continuously. The month of August has yet to begin and 2020 is already a year to remember. I hope that December 2020 will end this very long crescendo.


Slowly but surely, the first signs of the direction the airline industry will take are appearing. Somewhere in September or October the picture should be more obvious. In the short term, October 2020 will be the worst month in aviation history for layoffs; This is when most of the major airlines will make their major cuts.


For my part, I intend to take a few weeks of hindsight in order to better tackle the latter part of 2020. During the first weeks of August, I will limit the articles; during this period, I will work, among other things, on an analysis of what will be the future of Bombardier Aviation. Good vacation!

André Allard
July 27th 2020