Word from the publisher

So far, the year 2019 has been fertile in surprises and twists in the aerospace industry. Everything indicates that there will be more by December 31st.

The next two months will be critical to the future of the aerospace industry: Boeing will submit its latest MAX modifications to the FAA. Subsequently, the international community will also have to look into the safety of the MAX. The decisions that will be made by the end of this year will influence the way in which aircraft certification will be done for the next decade, at the very least. The worst scenario would be the lack of a consensus.

The withdrawal of Airbus from the call for tenders for the replacement of CF-18s is a clear signal that the choice is already made. Since it will be the CF-35 let’s accept it and begin the representations to obtain that the maintenance be done in Quebec. Especially since the federal elections are fast approaching.

Mitsubishi is the other name we’ll talk about in the next few days. The Japanese giant is interested in Quebec and its potential.

André Allard
September 1st, 2019