C Series backlog to be cleaned up

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This text is probably our last to refer to the C Series while we are only a few hours from the unveiling of its new name.

One of the first things Airbus will need to tackle is the C Series backlog, which currently has 365 firm orders. But let’s say that the probability that all these sales will materialize is small; the first order that should go away is the one of 40 CS300 placed by Republic Airlines which is not even included in the planning of the production.

Next came orders for 16 CS300 from Al Quahtani Aviation, 10 CS100 from Braathens Aviation, 10 CS100 from Gulf Air and finally 10 CS100 from Odyssey Airlines. The total of all these uncertain orders is 106 aircraft; by subtracting them, the C Series backlog is expected to be 259.

As long as Bombardier was in control for the C Series, the need to maintain these customer in order not to harm the program was obvious. Now that Airbus is in charge, it could decide to remove those more than uncertain customers from the list without raising questions about the viability of the program.

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