How many A220-100 deliveries to Delta in 2018?

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It was yesterday afternoon that the first A220-100 to be delivered to Delta Airlines made its first flight in Mirabel. This first aircraft that came out of the paint shop a few weeks ago will soon be followed by a second one.


The time elapsed between the first flight of an A220 and the delivery to the customer went from more than 40 days in May to less than 30 days in September. It is therefore quite possible that the first two A220-100 destined for Delta Airlines will be ready by mid-November. It is also known that only A220-100 have been put into production in recent months, which means that by the end of the year at least six more A220-100 will leave the assembly line for completion section.


Does Airbus have a surprise of its own and will deliver 34 A220 in 2018?

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