Air Vanuatu about to order four A220

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Air Vanuatu about to order four A220


In the February 16thedition of the Vanuatu Daily Post, the Vanuatu Minister of Economy and the CEO of Air Vanuatu signed an agreement for the payment of a deposit of 850 millions of VT (approximately 8.9 million CDN $) to acquire four Airbus aircraft.


The article does not mention the type of aircraft, but mentions that the aircraft will will be configured with 133 seats, which places them in the A220-300 category. The first aircraft would be delivered in June 2020. The journalist seems confused about the country where the aircrafts are going to be built since he mentions that they would be manufactured in France with components coming from Ireland and Canada.


Vanuatu is a small state consisting of an archipelago of 83 islands, it is located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of New Caledonia and has a population of about 275,000.To reed the complete article of the Vanuatu Daily Post, ,click here

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