Uplift, the new way to pay for your vacations

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Uplift has been in the United States for two years now and will begin offering services in Canada in the coming months.

Even if they do not always have the means, the number of travelers continues to increase in the industrialized countries. To successfully afford a vacation, a large proportion of travelers use their credit card to pay and they pay back over periods that often exceed 24 months. Uplift is for those customers in order to offer it an alternative to credit card financing.

The traveler only has to go to an internet booking site, it can be a specialized site such as tripcentre.ca, or the site of a travel agency or a participating airline. When you make your reservation, the Uplift option appears; the traveler can easily calculate how much it will cost him to use this alternative. The Uplift option can also be offered to travelers who prefer to plan a tours in the office of a travel agent.

It is not necessary to fill out a credit application and wait for the result, Uplift uses its own algorithm that allows it to establish the applicant’s credit in a split second and the response is almost instantaneous. Uplift’s interest rates range from 8.99% to 31.99%. The first payment must be made immediately upon purchase and the remaining 11 once a month. The main advantage for a user is to avoid having an unpaid balance on his credit card thus avoiding having to pay interest on all his purchases.

For travel agencies and airlines, Uplift is an important advantage, as travelers who use this option purchase packages that are about 25% more expensive and they buy on average 54% more insurance and other cover options. For now only the https://www.tripcentral.ca site offers the Uplift option in Canada, but agreements are coming soon with Travel Brand, Travel Only and Cruise Connexion.For its development in Canada, Uplift recruited Ms. Denise Heffron, who was National Vice President of Sales for Air Transat from 2004 to 2018. Ms. Heffron is currently working on partnerships with several Canadian travel agencies and airlines.

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