Level’s First Flight Arrives in Montreal Today

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The arrival of flight EC2678 from Paris-Orly is scheduled for 21:30 tonight. After Iceland Air and WOW Air, Level is the third European discount carrier to serve Montreal while the fourth, Norwegian, has announced for the fall of 2018.




In Europe, discount carriers have captured 30% of market share by attracting customers who look at the price without regard to service on board. Until recently, these airlines offered short flights where the lack of meals and on-board service was not a problem. It will be necessary to see if this formula is able to adapt to the transatlantic flight on which the passengers travel with more luggage and during which a meal is essential. It is important for passengers to take the time to carefully shop the offers of these  companies, because it happens that with extra charges the final price is higher than with a legacy carrier. The advertising of these companies will also have to adapt to the Quebec laws which require that the real and final price is clearly indicated.




For now, the offer of these discount carriers remains quite limited in Montreal and has little impact on ticket prices. It will be necessary to wait a few more years before seeing if the formula takes here too.

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