Bombardier Transportation, Alain Bellemare’s new priority

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Upon his arrival at the helm of Bombardier, Alain Bellemare had clearly indicated that the aerospace sector would be his number one priority and that it would take some time before taking the measure of the transport division of the multinational.


More than three years later, most of the major issues of the aerospace division are settled and there remains only the next production site of the Q400 to announce. The departure of Nico Buchholz, who held the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, at the end of the month opened the door for a slight reorganization at Bombardier.


The appointment of Mr. Danny Di Perma to the position of Chief Operating Officer Aerospace sector brings an intermediary between Alain Bellemare and the presidents of Bombardier’s two largest aerospace divisions, the Business Aircraft Division and the Commercial Aircraft Division; he will also be in charge of the Aerostructures division. Mr. Di Perma has spent most of his career at Pratt & Whitney and UTC, he is a long-time acquaintance of Alain Bellemare of which he becomes the right arm and man of confidence in aeronautics.


With the appointment of Mr. Di Perma, Alain Bellemare will now be able to devote most of his time to Bombardier’s Transportation Division.

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