CRJ, from surprise to surprise

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The least we can say about Bombardier is that she has become a master in the art of sending conflicting signals. The last one on the list is the CRJ program, while everyone expects Bombardier to sell the program. The Wings of Quebec has learned from at least two different sources that in recent months Bombardier Commercial Aircraft and Rockwell Collins have been working on an upgrade to the CRJ avionics suite. The technical aspect and the cost evaluation would have been completed. Prior to the announcements of November 8, Bombardier was negotiating with Rockwell Collins the price of the update that would be of the order of US $ 60 million.


For us this is a further indication that until recently, Bombardier did not intend to divest itself of the CRJ. It is quite possible that Bombardier’s management has changed its tune recently, if so the upgrade of the CRJ’s avionics will be set aside.


Already some stakeholders in Quebec’s aerospace sector have begun to address the issue of selling the CRJ to find a permanent solution that would ensure the survival of this program and its production in the Montreal area.

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