Global 7500: We must strike while the iron it’s hot

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The first customer to take possession of a Global 7500 is a US leasing company that has leased the aircraft back to none other than Bombardier Business Aircraft. The first Global 7500 production will be used in the coming months to make a promotional tour with potential buyers and the trade press.


As the largest business jet with the longest range, the arrival of the Global 7500 gives Bombardier an edge. With more than 100 copies sold, Bombardier is working to sell the production of 2022 and that’s what the first production aircraft will be use for.


Bombardier is looking to quickly sell as many Global 7500 as possible, beacause since May 2018, its competitor Gulfstream is working on a replica with the G700: the business jet market in the size and price of the Global 7500 (US $ 72 million) is limited, Bombardier is hurrying to grab orders before Gulfstream retaliate.


The cabin of the Global 7500 is different and includes significant improvements like the new Nuage seats that required seven years of research and development. There are also the windows of the Global 7500 whose size and quantity will allow its occupants to use day light to reed. But these elements are difficult to sell even with a full-size mock-up and that’s why Bombardier Business Aircraft begins its promotional tour and will perform several demonstration flights with customers on board in the first months of 2019.


The entry into service of a new business jet usually boots the backlog and it is to get the most out of it that Bombardier Business Aircraft has chosen not to wait before launching its world tour with the first aircraft of production. We must therefore expect that the Global 7500 will often be talked about in the coming months.

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