How Moxy intends to use its A220-300

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The airline Moxy (this is its temporary name) has placed a firm order of 60 A220-300 and is scheduled to begin operations in 2021 and Its founder is Mr. David Neeleman. The latter is at its seventh airline that launches or in which he is involved, he started among others companies JetBlue in the United States and Azul in Brazil. For the launch of Moxy, Mr. Neeleman has already raised more than $ 100 million and has given two interviews recently that allow us to understand the intentions of this serial entrepreneur.


Mr. Neeleman points out that it is when he sees new markets to develop that he creates new airlines. For Moxy, he says he wants to fill a void left by the three US legacy carrier American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. Mr. Neeleman mentioned that the cost structure of these large companies means that they are forced to use hubs to consolidate passengers on regional flights; this has led airlines to move away from direct flights between medium and small US cities. Neeleman refuses to identify specific cities to avoid his competitors ahead, but gave the example that with the A220-300 he could offer a profitable North Carolina-Florida link.


The range of more than 3,000 nautical miles is the other great advantage of the A220-300 according to Mr. Neeleman; it will be able to offer direct flights to Hawaii from the Midwest. He also mentioned the possibility of offering flights to Portugal still from the American Midwest (this last statement seems a little exaggerated since the maximum range of the A220-300 is 3,200 nautical miles while there are approximately 4,000 nautical miles between Portugal and the American Midwest). Since the A220-300 can land and take off on shorter runways than the B737-MAX8 and A320NEO, but with a similar operating cost per seat, Moxy will have a wider choice of airports.



The cabin of the A220-300 allows for first class domestic flights as well as flat reclining seats for international flights and it will be possible to switch from one configuration to another according to seasonal needs. Mr. Neeleman points out that the A220-300 is an aircraft that offers great flexibility and is effective on both short trips and long flights.


Moxy is therefore expected to open new routes and serve airports that the major airlines leave out. The cabins will most likely be configured in two classes.

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2 thoughts on “How Moxy intends to use its A220-300

  • December 29, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    I read the first line and then stopped.

    “The airline Moxy (this is its temporary name) has placed a firm order of 60 A220-300…..”

    They do NOT have a firm order, only an MoU

    • January 3, 2019 at 8:45 am

      I was a week ahead, but now it is confirmed as a firme orderer


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