Lie flat seats for Air Canada A321s?

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On February 15, Air Canada will release its financial results for 2018. It is also at this time that the airline should let it know how it intends to use the four used A321s that it has purchased at the end of 2018.


It has been some months since Air Canada is evaluating the possibility of installing lie flat seats in its single-aisle aircraft; it is quite possible that this reflection will be influenced by Aer Lingus’ decision to offer this type of seating on its single-aisle aircraft that will come to Canada in the summer of 2019. starting February 20th, WestJet will also offer lie flat seats on a limited number of flights between Calgary and Toronto.


If Air Canada wants to remain the first choice for business travelers in Canada, it will have to offer the same comfort as its competitors and offer lie flat seats on more domestic flights.

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