The well timed demonstration of the Global 7500

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Taking the initative

On April 15, 2018, Bombardier Business Aircraft announced that the Global 7500’s range was increased by 300 nautical miles and would now be 7,700 nautical miles. This increased autonomy has allowed the Global 7500 to win the first position for the business jet having the greatest distance to its competitor the G650ER manufactured by Gulf Stream.

Then during EBACE in Geneva in May 2018, Bombardier struck another big blow by announcing two new versions of the Global, the 5500 and the 6500. In less than two months, Bombardier was able to surprise its competitor twice and regain control in the large business aircraft market. Since then, everyone has expected the Gulfstream to respond to Bombardier.

Keeping the opponent on the defensive

In the summer of 2018, it was rumored that Gulfstream was working on a reengine version of the G650ER to increase its range to more than 7,700 nautical miles and to take the first position in the Global 7500. If Gulfstream is working in fact on a revamped version of the G650ER, it is probably during EBACE in Geneva in May that the unveiling will take place.

In announcing that the Global 7500 flew a record flight of 8,152 nautical miles, Bombardier was careful to disclose that there were three pilots and three passengers on board and that there was nearly an hour and a half of fuel left in the tanks. With the information provided by Bombardier, we can say that the Global 7500 has not yet given all he can to travel as far as possible and it still has some to give.

By making the announcement in early March, Bombardier is making sure that the entire business aviation community is aware of this flight and especially that the Global 7500 is still capable of more range. In this way, Bombardier makes sure to reduce the impact of the announcement of the revamped G650ER at EBACE in May. Gulstream has not made there announcement yet that they have to find some more improvement

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