Will there be an overbid for the acquisition of Transat A.T.?

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At the annual shareholders meeting of Transat A.T., the company’s management announced that it was in discussion with more than one potential buyer. Since that time, only the name of Air Canada has come out while an exclusive negotiation between the two companies is underway. As for the other potential buyer (s), not a word at the moment.

But it should not be surprising if in the coming weeks the silence is broken and we learn the name of the other buyers and the amount they are willing to pay.

Last week’s release of Transat A.T.’s largest shareholder, the Letko-Brosseau investment fund, was intended to make other shareholders understand that Transat A.T. is worth more than the $ 13 a share offered by Air Canada. If no other offer is revealed, their release will have been useless since the shareholders of Transat A.T. will have only one offer on the table.

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