A220, a new collective agreement for IAMAW members

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At a meeting this morning, approximately 1,000 members of IAMAW Local Lodge 712 that works on the A220 assembly line in Mirabel, were asked to vote on the latest offers from Airbus. It is in a proportion of 76% that the union members voted in favor of the employers’ offers.

The new collective agreement will have a five-year term and will include changes for sick days. It includes annual increases of 2%, 2%, 2%, 2.5% and 2.5%

The new collective agreement also includes a provision concerning the installation of a supplier center in Mirabel. Currently, all subassemblies arriving from suppliers are shipped directly to the assembly line; when adjustments are needed it slows down the assembly line and increases the cycle time substantially. The supplier center (also called pre-FAL) will speed up the production rate of the final assembly line and create about 300 more jobs when the assembly line runs at full speed.

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