Bombardier’s Global 7500 as landed in the Swiss Alps

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The Bombardier Global 7500 as landed in the Swiss Alps on the Saanen/Gstaad runway.

Saanen/Gstaad is 3,284 feet above sea level and has a runway of 130 feet wide by 4,590 feet long. But because of the displaced threshold, the available landing distance available is only 3,280 feet. As the village of Gstaad is in a valley, the approach poses an additional challenge as shown in the photograph.

Saanen/Gstaad airport is located in a valley
A view of Saanen/Gstaad airport

The Bombardier Global 7500 is the largest aircraft allowed on the small runway at Saanen/Gstaad airport. Its wing has a particular profile that generates a lot of lift at low speed. The Global Wings also uses an advanced and complex configuration of leading edges and flaps.

From Saanen/Gstaad, the Global 7500 flew directly to Dubai over a distance of 2,620 nm.

Here is an excerpt from Bombardier’s press release: “This demonstration reinforces the image of the Global 7500 jet as simply unparalleled in the combination of its size and actual capabilities,” said Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President. Global Sales and Marketing Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Not only can it connect difficult-to-reach airports in hot and / or high-altitude locations, but it delivers uncompromising value to customers in any condition, at any time, without the need for tailwinds, as well as an iconic, graceful flight thanks to the exceptional flexibility of its wing.

Those who have a LinkedIn account can click on the picture to see a video of the Global 7500 landing in Saanen/Gstaad

Atterrissage du Global 7500 à Saanen/Gstaad
Global 7500 at Gstaad
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