Air Richelieu College in the ISS

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Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques took with him a badge from Air Richelieu College aboard the International Space Station.

Mr. Saint-Jacques did his pilot training at Air Richelieu College. He brought with him five objects reflecting his professional and academic path. The badge bearing the logo of College Air Richelieu with his name inscribed on it was one of his five objects. Mr. Saint-Jacques took a picture of the badge in the observation dome.

Back on earth, Mr. Saint-Jacques should bring is badge back to College Air Richelieu in the coming weeks. This badge is a testimony of his gratitude to those who helped him in his formation. Air Richelieu College’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Thierry Dugrippe, stated: “Air Richelieu College is proud to have participated in the training of Mr. Saint-Jacques. We very much appreciate his gesture of gratitude. “

Canadian astronaut David St-Jacques

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques is also a pilot, engineer, astrophysicist and family physician. He holds the longest Canadian space flight record of 204 days.

About Air Richelieu College

“For nearly 90 years, Air Richelieu Aéroclub de Montréal has established itself as the leader in airline pilot training in Quebec.

Created in 1928, on the aerodrome of Cartierville, the Montreal flying club has since grown. Located now since 1971 at the Montreal / St Hubert Regional Airport and striving day after day to best meet the expectations of the aeronautical market and our student pilots, Air Richelieu College trains more than a hundred private pilots, professionals, multi engine / IFR and airline pilots every year. “

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