Air Canada must decide moving the B737MAX or not

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The 24 Air Canada B737MAXs are stored at the following six airports: 8 in Windsor, 5 in Winnipeg, 5 in Trois-Rivières and two at Calgary, Hamilton and Vancouver airports. Air Canada has already mentioned the possibility of moving them all to the American desert.

The return of autumn to Canada means the return of cool nights with strong morning dew. The months of September, October and November are particularly conducive. Moisture is the number one enemy of planes that are stored for a long period of time. It makes its way in every corner of an aircraft and can cause several problems. All tissues become vulnerable to mold and can be damaged.

For Air Canada, the issue is whether prolonged exposure to moisture will cost more than moving costs. Grouping the fleet at the same location is an advantage when it comes to get them back into service. Canada is a very bad place for airplane storage. By the end of September, Air Canada must make a decision.Our thanks to Frédérick Tremblay for the photo.

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