The secret of CAE’s success

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CAE is a unique company, controlling 80% of the global simulator market share. Its training division trains more pilots than any other company. In less than a year she took control of the training of business aviation pilots in the United States.

Following CAE’s Annual General Meeting on August 14, CEO Marc Parent met with the media. Towards the end of the meeting, a journalist asked him if he had any advice for business leaders. Mr. Parent first explained that he felt uncomfortable giving advice to other. Then he went on to explain what works for CAE.

The Vision

For Parent, the method is simple: every important business decision is evaluated based on CAE’s vision. Whether it’s making an investment or adding a new product, it has to fit the company’s vision.

CAE’s vision is:

To be recognized global training partner of choice to enhance safety, efficiency and readiness. “

All decisions made by CAE must therefore reflect this vision. Five years ago when CAE took the training curve, it was to better respond to this vision.

Training of business jet pilots

In November 2018, CAE acquired the training division of Bombardier Business Aircraft. This transaction enabled her to increase the number of simulators for business aviation she owns to 80. Then on August 29, she took a 50% stake in SIMCOM. This company has 26 simulators and 22 training devices. This acquisition allows her to get his hands on two important training centers for business aviation.

CAE is now the North American leader for business jet pilot training. Both acquisitions are in line with his vision. CAE can also be expected to purchase additional training centers for business aviation.

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