Another big win for the A321XLR

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The rumor of an order from 50 A321XLR by United Airlines had started circulating in the afternoon yesterday. Then Airbus confirmed the news in the early evening.

United will use the 50 A321XLR to replace its 53 B757-200s with an average age of 21.6 years. The first aircraft will be delivered in 2024 and the transatlantic service with the A321XLR will begin in 2025. With a range of more than 4,000 nm and a capacity of 200 passengers, the A321XLR has no competition. United Airlines was delaying the decision to replace its aging B757s in the hope that Boeing would come up with a solution. But Boeing continues to dither on the development of a new aircraft to replace the B757. The American carrier has finally opted for the for Airbus offer. United has also decided to postpone the delivery of it 45 A350-900 in order to 2027.

Between June 1st and October 30th of this year, Airbus garnered 815 orders for the three variants of the A321NEO. Since then, and other 127 order where placed, wich bring the total 942 in six months. It has been two years since Boeing hesitated to launch a new aircraft capable of competing with the A321LR and the A321XLR. Meanwhile Airbus is accumulating orders.

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