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The new company

The closing of the transaction between Bombardier and Mitsubishi is fast approaching. We now know that the name of the new entity will be MHI RJ Aviation. It is a friend that guided us to the Quebec business register.

According to the registry, the new company was first created on October 18 in British Columbia. Then it was registered six days later in the Quebec business register. The Business Line section reads: “Aircraft and Aircraft Parts Industry”. The added precision can be confusing: “Operates new aircraft production and sales, aircrafts spare parts import and sales”. The company is in the category of employers with 250 to 499 employees.

Care should be taken in the interpretation of the MHI RJ Aviation sheet; when registering for the first time, it is preferable to cover more in order to fill current and future activities. The President of MHI RJ Aviation is Mr. Hiroaki Yamamoto and he is also the Director of Legal Affairs of MHI. Mr. Yamamoto probably assumes the interim presidency, until the real directors are appointed.


A Google search with MHI RJ Aviation revealed a surprise with the following site: MHIRAV

The website is under développement and was accidentally left open to public. But the situation as been corrected.

The site is available in English and French and contains most of the information from the Bombardier CRJ site. By the way, the photo accompanying our article is a screenshot of the site. The new slogan “There is a new energy on board” appears in close-up on the web page.

The latest information on MHI’s intentions regarding the CRJ was that the company wanted to focus on the refurbishment and heavy maintenance of the aircraft in service. In this logic, the new MHI RJ Aviation website would be used to promote it. Also note that the hyperlinks lead either to the MHI site or to that of Bombardier.

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