Will NBAA 2020 be cancelled?

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The United States alone accounts for 60% of the business aircraft market. The National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) brings together companies in this sector present at Uncle Sam’s contry. The NBAA is by far the most important association in business aviation. Every year, it holds its annual exhibition in October where all the manufacturers are present. This exhibition is held alternately between Las Vegas and Orlando. This year the NBAA 2020 event is scheduled for October 6-8 in Orlando.

COVID19 cases are currently expanding in Florida. However, an event like NBAA brings together several thousand people inside at the same time. Over a three-day period, tens of thousands of visitors will wake through the exhibition hall. As large indoor gatherings will be the last to be authorized, NBAA 2020 may well be canceled.

According to Bombardier Communications and Public Affairs Director Mark Masluch, Bombardier has yet to rule on its attendance at NBAA 2020. The latter expects the NBAA to do its own assessment in a few weeks.

More generally, Bombardier Aviation changed its marketing approach from the start of the pandemic. The company has canceled participation in smaller events such as regional forums. The company continued its migration to digital marketing. Among other things, Bombardier is hosting many more private events online. This helps support aircraft sales and after-sales service.

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