umlaut, how to take advantage of the crisis

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The company

umlaut is an international consulting engineering firm that works mainly in the industrial sector. When she started in Germany over twenty years ago, she specialized in the automotive sector. Since then, she has added the aeronautics, energy and telecommunications sectors. It has just adopted the name umlaut when its previous name was P3 group AG.

The firm has nearly 4,500 employees located in 40 offices around the world. In Canada it is present in Toronto and Montreal. The Montreal office of umlaut specializes in aeronautics and has around 40 permanent employees. If necessary, the company hires contract workers to respond to peak periods.

Last week, I spoke with the director of umlaut Canada, Ms. Julie Devlamynck and the Business Unit Lead, Younes Beleknaoui.

Its expertise

Ms. Devlamynck and M Beleknaoui explain that umlaut has been supporting companies in the digital shift and industrialization 4.0 for 10 years already. In aeronautics, it offers its services to large manufacturers as well as first-level integrators. But it can also help smaller companies who want to speed up their digitalization. It is able to support all trades in the transformation process through project management, engineering, methods, manufacturing, quality and production thanks to its end to end approach.

Ms. Devlamynck notes that Quebec companies in the aerospace sector are lagging behind in digitalization. The supply chain is the sector where this delay is most visible. However, the current pandemic is creating all kinds of regional disruptions that are desynchronizing the supply chain. It then becomes important to be able to predict what the disturbances will be according to the regions of the world.

umlaut has developed tools for real-time monitoring of the status of the supply chain. This tool allows automated data entry which eliminates the need for the management team to deal with it. Engineers therefore spend more time analyzing and understanding data than doing data entry. A tool among many others, without borders like umlaut already deployed for several years in Europe, India, China and USA, at one of the largest OEM.

The opportunity

Right now, leaders in the aerospace industry are focusing on the survival of their business. This is a normal and essential reflex under the circumstances, but when the beginning of recovery is emerging, we have to start looking towards the future again. Companies that can better understand the upheavals by turning to the assurance of delivering the 100% and providing the extra, such as digital innovation will have better chances of survival and growth.

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