Air Transat makes record flight with the A321LR

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On October 25, Air Transat flight 690 left Montréal-Trudeau for Athens, Greece. It is a flight of 8:45 and 4138 nm (7663 km), and the longest commercial flight made by an A321LR. This is 138 nm higher than the specifications for the A321LR published by Airbus.

According to information obtained by the company, the tail winds had an average speed of 60 knots. Air Transat also mentions that the plane was not filled to its maximum without specifying the occupancy rate. For the return trip, flight TSC691 made a one-hour technical stopover in Paris.

In the spring of 2018, Airbus had made a 4,740 nm (8,797 km) flight between Mahé in the Seychelles and Toulouse. But it was a flight that was part of the test program and it was not certified.

Since the resumption of its activities, Air Transat has not hesitated to use the A321LR on its transatlantic routes. It is the aircraft that best meets the needs of the airline as demand is historically low.

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