SpaceJet sent to mothballs next Friday

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The development of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet has been quite slow since last May. MHI, which is responsible for this program, then announced its desire to reduce SpaceJet development expenses. On this occasion, several test aircraft were sent for long-term storage.

According to Reuters, next Friday MHI will announce a complete halt to the development of the SpaceJet; Like many large corporations, MHI must minimize expenses in order to preserve cash flow. The costly development of the Spacejet is therefore an easy target.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Japanese government has wanted to develop an all-Japanese airliner. The government gave this mandate to Mitsubishi, which has been trying to develop it since 2006. MHI maintained it despite many setbacks as it is a matter of national pride. In fact, SpaceJet has its own museum in Nagoya. It is the only airliner to have its own museum even though it has never made a single commercial flight.

Without the element of national pride, Mitsubishi probably would have ended this program long ago. COVID-19 has given the manufacturer a golden excuse to justify ending this program. Mitsubishi is doing it gradually, first she announced a slowdown , now a full pose. Then in two or three years, it will be easy to end the program. It is now obvious: “alea jacta est”

About the CRJ

It now remains to be seen what MHI will do with the CRJ program. MHI is now the holder of the CRJ type certificate and it also have legal obligations; it cannot end support for in-service aircraft without paying very heavy penalties. But she could still resell the program.

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