Thanks Giving: The Ultimate Challenge

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Thanks Giving is by far the biggest on the calendar in the United States. The party is always the last Thursday of November. But many Americans take the opportunity to take a week off. For air transport, this is the busiest time of the year. It begins the Friday before Thanks Giving and ends the following Sunday. In 2019, 28 million passengers were transported during this 10-day period. This is the time of year when airline capacity is stretched to its limit.

This year, just over 20 million passengers are expected to travel to the United States for those ten days. This is less than in 2019, but it must be said that the airlines have reduced their capacity by 20% to 25%. This year, the labour shortage is hitting the industry as it tries to regain its pre-pandemic pace.

For several months, airlines have experienced difficulties during peak periods. In order to meet demand, carriers have launched hiring sprints. To ensure that they have enough staff, they have put in place many incentives: bonus for working at this time of the year, attendance bonus and retention bonus. Some companies have not shied away from raiding employees of competitors. Peak demand will be reached from tonight until Sunday.

Business aviation

This year, business aviation will also face the Thanks Giving challenge as it prepares to break records. In the United States, November will be the seventh consecutive record month for this industry. Business aviation will therefore face the greatest demand in its history and will have to rise to the occasion. Otherwise, it could lose momentum after many months of growth.

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