L3 MAS delivers test pylon for PW800 engines

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L3-MAS delivered a new pylon to test the PW800 engines on the Boeing 747-SP from Pratt & Whitney to Mirabel.

This is in fact a modification of the existing PW814 motor pylon so that it can accept all PW800 motors. The L3 MAS release mentions the following:


“L3 MAS work for this latest Pratt & Whitney project included the design and manufacture of the engine pylon modifications and systems to integrate the test pylon with the B747 SP flying test bed. It is the first time that L3 MAS has used an engine replica (dummy engine) to validate and simulate system installation prior to delivery to Pratt & Whitney Canada.”


Although the release contain no specific reference to the PW812 engine, the delivery of this pylon give way for flight testing of this new PW800 family member that has been selected by Dassault for the Falcon 5X.

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