CAE Rise Pilot Training

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When you ask experienced pilots to comment about simulator training, one of the frequent subject that comes up is the differences in the evaluation between instructors. Flight instructors have a natural tendency to put more emphasis on certain technical aspects of piloting. Therefore, they will tend to give a better evaluation to pilots who did well on those particular aspects they believe to be more important.


In order to eliminate human factors in pilot training and evaluation, CAE has created the program Rise™ that stands for Real-time Insight and Standardized Evaluation. CAE Rise™ is a new training system that uses data collected from the simulator during the training session and sent into the cloud. The pilots and the instructor performances are then compared to performance trend of a pool of pilots and instructors from across industry operators. The results of that analysis are then provided in real time to the instructor and pilot in the simulator.


For each of the tasks and manoeuvres that have to be learned and executed during a training session, the system gives an evaluation of the pilot’s performances. But since the system assessment is based only on technical skills, the instructor can give its evaluation if he disagrees. As an example: if a crew has to execute a single engine landing, the system could give a score of 4 if the manoeuver was perfectly executed even if one of the crew members forgot an item on the check list. The instructor would then enter his disagreement and put its own evaluation and justify it.

Briefing CAE Rise™ 
With Rise™, pilots and instructor have direct access to performances analysis

The CAE Rise™ training system uses an electronic training suite, one of the features of the suite is the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) management tool. This particular tool links extracts from the operator SOP to corresponding training tasks. This information is accessible off line before training sessions and in real time during each training manoeuver, so instructors can more easily identify deviations and reinforce SOP specifics.


Rise is a trade-mark that belongs to CAE and has been implemented for the first time this year with AirAsia as the launch costumer.

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