Air Canada A220-300s in Montreal and Quebec in 2020

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During our interview with Air Canada’s Vice President of Product, Mr. Andrew Yiu, he told us that the A220-300 to replace the Embraer E-190s could also be deployed on all continental routes where A319s and 320s are currently used.


The Montreal-Calgary and Montreal-Los Angeles routes are ideal candidates for the A220-300. The Rouge A319s currently used on the Québec-Toronto route could also be replaced by A220-300s.


The A220-300 could also be deployed from Toronto, which means that the Queen City is competing in Montreal to be the first base of operations for the newcomer to the Air Canada fleet. If the first A220-300s are used on the Montreal-Calgary road, we can predict that the employees of the assembly line in Mirabel will be numerous to want to visit the Alberta metropolis in 2020.

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