Air Canada send its MAX in Arizona

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Air Canada has confirmed to us that they have begun transferring process of some of their MAX to Arizona. Here is the translation if the official response from Air Canada media relations that we received in French:

“Due to uncertainty about the timing of regulatory approval to return the Boeing 737 MAX to service, we have begun moving some Boeing 737s to Arizona like other airlines. The reason is that the hot and dry climate found in the desert allows optimal conditions for aircraft storage. We have the necessary permissions from the regulatory agencies to operate these fery flights even if the prohibition of take-off, landing or overflight of Canadian airspace by any commercial passenger flights operated by Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is still in effect. The schedule of movements of the aircrafts are still not finalized. “

This is probably the best decision that Air Canada could make in the current circumstances.

Thanks to Frédérick Tremblay for the cover picture

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