The A220-300LR a strategic advantage?

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Ernest Arvai from looked at the benefits for Airbus of having the A220-300LR as an option in the A220 family.

Mr. Arvai notes that in 18 months in control of the A220, Airbus has managed to take a considerable advance on the E2. He considers that the low order book of the E2 explains its slow production ramp up. Meanwhile, the A220 is picking up orders and continuing to expand its customer base.

Mr. Arvai notes that in the category of aircraft with 100 to 150 passengers, the A220 already offers a higher range. The A220-300LR which can carry 130 passengers on transatlantic flights would then offer an important additional advantage. With three variants, the A220 program would cover all the needs of an airline in the 100 to 150 passengers. It would then be possible to open new markets with direct flights between mid-sized cities.

With only two variants and a much smaller range, the E2 would be clearly at a disadvantage. As soon as Boeing takes control of E2, it will have to make important decisions for his future. Since the US giant plans to develop a replacement for the B737 and B767, the E2 might receive very little attention.

Meanwhile, Airbus will be able to repeat the A321XLR experience with the A220LR. In a few years it will have taken the market without even Boeing reacting.

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