NBAA 2020 is officially canceled

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The National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) has announced the cancellation of its 2020 trade show (NBAA 2020). This event was scheduled to take place in Orlando from October 6 to 8. The NBAA explains that the many restrictions imposed by public health make it impossible.

NBAA 2020 was the last major exhibition of the year for the business aviation sector. While COVID19 creates a favorable environment for the sale of business aircraft, OEM’s can’t meet with customer. The good old times where it was easy to go to customers are over. We are entering a new commercial dynamic for business aviation. Take everything you know about marketing techniques and throw it away. OEM’s who be able to successfully reach and attract customers will do well. The creativity of social media management teams will be decisive in the coming months and years. OEM’s most adapt and understand to new customer needs in a few weeks. It will be a big battle on the next few years, know we will separate the men from children’s.

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