Airbus accelerates deliveries

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As of June 30, Airbus had delivered a total of 196 civilian aircraft since the beginning of the year. Then in July and August, it picked up the pace with 88 deliveries in two months. To date, September’s total stands at nearly 69 deliveries and there will be some more.

In order to do a count by family of aircraft, I went to check the AIBfamily site. Here is the result of my count; note that there may be slight inaccuracies without affecting the overall picture.

• A220-300: 6 deliveries

• A320neo: 70 deliveries

• A321neo: 131 deliveries

• A330neo: 3 deliveries

• A350: 12 deliveries

About Delta Airlines

In the past few weeks five aircraft with Delta’s livery have left the Airbus factories. Thus, two A321ceo, two A350 and one A330neo were delivered to the airline. All five aircraft left the Airbus facility on a Delta flight number. On the other hand, the FAA register indicates that the five planes belong to UMB Bank NA Trustee.

Last week, Delta signed an agreement for a US $ 9 billion loan. But still no announcement has been made regarding the resumption of new aircraft deliveries. It is therefore always difficult to predict whether the airline will resume deliveries of the A220s. Right now, there are six A220-100s in Mirabel and three A220-300s in Mobile awaiting delivery. It is therefore not impossible that Airbus could add nine more A220s to its third quarter deliveries.


So many deliveries will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Airbus cash flow. It will therefore be interesting to see what the financial situation of the European giant will be at the end of this quarter. And I wonder a long Airbus will be able to maintain such a high delivery paste. 

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