Jetlines Is Recruiting Flight Attendants

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The next ULCC to emerge in Canada is expected to be Jetlines. The company hopes to start operations in the first months of 2022 and is preparing for it. A recruitment notice for flight attendant positions is now circulating on social media. The job posting mentions that Toronto will be the base for flight attendants.


This announcement allows us to conclude that Jetlines has obtained or is in the process of obtaining its certificate of operations. In addition, the operations manual as well as the flight attendant training manual have probably been approved. In Canada, getting the dozen manuals required to operate an airline approved is a real obstacle course. This process tests the resolve and patience of many people. Jetlines therefore appear to be on the verge of crossing the finish line.


A first in the East

Jetlines will begin operations with two A320ceos and are therefore expected to base them in Toronto. It will therefore be the first low cost carrier to choose the Canadian metropolis to start its operations… It was about time! In fact, Ontario and Quebec represent 68% of the Canadian population. Yet all of the other low cost carriers in Canada have chosen to begin their operations in Alberta. I invite you to watch the video I made on Canadian geography and air transport by clicking here.



A hot summer

The summer of 2022 promises to be very interesting for those who like the sardine class, who will be spoiled for choice. What is obvious is that the offer is growing much faster than the demand. Moreover, the year 2022 will start with the same uncertainty as 2021. This increase in supply comes at a time when the world economy is experiencing a period of inflation. This has a direct impact on the vacation and travel budgets of many families in Canada and elsewhere.


Airlines will therefore have to fight in order to get the passengers. We see the price war coming and the very attractive discounts. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it if you can afford it.

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