Changes in the management of Airbus Canada

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Sylvain Leclerc is retiring

Sylvain Leclerc is a graduate of HEC and a veteran of the Quebec aerospace industry. He began his career at Bombardier in the early 1990s. Then he  quickly specialized in logistics and supply chain management. He was instrumental in organizing the production and supply chain of CRJ. In 2009, he was appointed Vice-President and General Manager of the CRJ program at Mirabel.


Since 2018, he has served as Vice President of Operations for the A220 program at Airbus Canada. Mr. Leclerc is very familiar with the Mirabel facilities and has guided Airbus through the process of standardizing the A220. Mr. Leclerc is well known and appreciated among the members of the Montreal aerospace cluster. Wings Over Québec congratulates him on his brilliant career and his contribution to the aerospace industry here.


Florent Massou Leaves for the A350

Mr. Massou has held the position of Vice President Airbus Canada and Director of the A220 program since the takeover by Airbus. He has been with Airbus since 2012 and served as Vice President responsible for the A380 assembly line before joining the A220 program. In this capacity, he played an important role during the design of the pre-FAL in Mirabel.


Mr. Massou was on a three-year contract and his return to Toulouse had already been planned for some time. He will now work on the A350 program, the development of the cargo version of which will require special attention. But above all, he will be an excellent ambassador of the A220 programs to his Toulouse colleges.


Daniel wenniger

Daniel Wenniger will take up the post of Vice President of Airbus Canada and Director of the A220 program. He began his career in the aerospace industry as a Production Engineer in 2003. He is currently Vice President of Airframe Services. During the pandemic, his team had to review storage and return-to-service inspection procedures. Mr. Wenniger is on his second visit to North America; from 2016 to 2018, he served as vice president new products at Airbus USA.



A Corporate Culture

Airbus encourages its executives not to stay in post too long; So it’s not uncommon to see them change jobs every two or three years or so. This way of working would make it possible to continuously energize the teams in place. In addition, it would promote the exchange of new ideas and a more homogeneous culture between the different sites on the planet. The recent changes in the management of Airbus Canada are therefore part of this management philosophy. So expect there to be more in the coming months.

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