Airbus delivered 36 aircraft in June

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Airbus has published the monthly update of its order and delivery backlog. For the month of June 2020, the company recorded a net drop of only one order, an A330-900. The backlog now stand 7,524 aircraft; Airbus is successfully maintaining orders for now.

The 36 deliveries in June are distributed as follows:

• 1 A220-300

• 18 A320neo

• 13 A321neo

• 4 A350

We note that there has been no delivery of the A330 in May and only five since the beginning of 2020. The A330 was already declining in popularity before th COVID crisis19. One wonders what state this program will be in at the end of the pandemic. For its part, the A220 totals 11 deliveries in 2020 and it will be difficult to deliver as many in the second half. For the A220, the key customer this year is Delta Airlines. But the rising of COVID19 cases in USA drags the resumption of air traffic as shown in the following table:

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